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Cathy Slot & Agility Success Workshops

Background Information

Cathy has been competing, teaching/instructing, judging and administrating Agility for 20 years and has been a professional Agility instructor and workshop presenter for 10 years.  She is the current Chair of the Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd (ADAA), a member of ADAA's Judges Management Committee and a successful Agility handler with a her dogs.  Other achievements include being a Judge at the 2008 IFCS World Agility Championships (WAC) in Belgium and 2013 IFCS European Championships in Spain together with Australian Team Captain at the 2010 and 2012 IFCS World Agility Championships held in the United Kingdom and USA respectively.

Over the last 20 odd years Cathy has witnessed the sport grow and mature from the handler running a simple course of nine obstacle with the dog on the left, to the complex 20 obstacle courses of today requiring better skilled dogs and handlers with precise turns and strong strategies.  Cathy's long involvement with Agility in all aspects has placed her in a good position to understand the needs of not just those aspiring to win a National Championship or a World Agility Championship, but to also connect with the grass roots and handlers new to the sport!

Cathy was (and remains) at the forefront of Agility training in Australia, bringing Susan Garrett (Say Yes Dog Training) to Australia for the first time and then for introducing Greg Derrett.  Cathy remains a fan and student of Greg's handling system and Susan's methods of training.  Cathy's respect and admiration for these two people are apparent by regularly bringing them (and their instructors/colleagues) back to Australia to continue improving her own skills/knowledge, allowing Cathy to pass on many of their ideas.

As a clicker trainer for the past 15 plus years, Cathy has an understanding of how to use this tool to its best advantage (including when not to use it).  Cathy believes the clicker is a tool, and not a magic wand, to be used to solve problems requiring precise timing.  According to Cathy the real learning for the dog comes through the handler providing a high rate of reinforcement and through placement of the reward.

Many seminar presenters in the Agility world specialise in either "training" (clicker, contacts, poles, start line) or "handling" (Front Cross, False Turn, Lead-out Pivot).  Cathy's learning through her own dogs and many years as a club instructor (including developing her local club's training programme) allow her to teach first hand with authority in the two different realms of "handling" and "training".

Auditors (watching with no dogs) are encouraged to walk the sequences and participate at Cathy's seminars.

Booking and Fees

Cathy does not charge for traveling days or days off.  Cathy's daily rate can vary depending on the country, venue, time of the year, number of days required and her own  busy schedule/calendar!  

Please contact Cathy (e-mail best method) to ask about dates/availability and to request a daily rate/fee. 

Workshop Ideas

Foundation Skills

Crate Training

Basic Shaping Skills

Advanced Shaping Skills

Double Box Jumping/Handling skills

Weave Poles (Susan Garrett 2 x 2 method)

Contact Training (Susan Garrett nose touch to target)

Jumping Grids (Susan Salo method)

Contact Cathy

E-mail: cathy@agilityclick.com

Phone: +61 7 3202 2361

Fax: +61 7 3281 0016

Mobile/Cell: +61 448 815 135

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