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Do-it-yourself Agility Equipment, 2nd Edition




Do-it-yourself Agility Equipment, 2nd Edition

Jim Hutchins has been experimenting with different methods for building Agility obstacles since he got started in Agility in 1994. In 1997, he started marketing his equipment plans under the name of HOGA Agility. Over the past two years, Jim and the editors at Clean Run Productions have been working together to further refine each HOGA plan. The resulting complete, easy-to-follow construction plans are contained in this book.

Following is the table of contents for the book:

Selecting PVC Pipe and Fittings
Cleaning PVC Pipe
Cutting PVC Pipe
Gluing PVC Pipe and Parts
Selecting Lumber
Painting Wooden Obstacles

Resource Guide

Chapter 1 -- Jumps and Hurdles
Jump Heights
Jump Cups
Jump Bars
Jump Plans
Plastic Jump Cups
Nonwinged Jump -- Design #1
Nonwinged Jump -- Design #2
Winged Jump with Plastic Lattice
Panel Jump
AKC Double Bar Jump
USDAA Spread Jump
Triple Bar Jump or Extended Spread Jump
PVC Training Tire Jump
Trombone Tire Jump
Easily Adjustable Competition Tire
Plastic Broad Jump with Built-In Marking Poles
Wooden Broad Jump with Marking Poles

Chapter 2 -- Tunnels and Accessories
Buying an Open Tunnel
Making a Closed Tunnel
Tunnel Plans
Closed Tunnel with PVC Frame
Closed Tunnel with Wooden Doghouse Frame
Fabric Chute for the Closed Tunnel
Pipe Tunnel Restraints
Marking the Position of the Tunnel on Course

Chapter 3 -- Contact Obtacles
Making Climbing Slats
Painting Contact Obstacles
Contact Obstacle Plans
Welded Aluminum or Steel A-Frame
Wooden A-Frame
Rejuvenating and Refurbishing an A-Frame
Welded Aluminum or Steel Dogwalk
Adjustable Seesaw
Contact Training Hoops

Chapter 4 -- Table and Weave Poles
Table Heights
Weave Pole Specifications
Table and Weave Pole Plans
Pause Table
Simple Indoor/Outdoor Poles
Indoor/Outdoor Weave Poles for Competition
Retrofitting Spring-Based Poles
Training Weave Poles

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