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In Focus




In Focus

Developing a Working Relationship With Your Performance Dog
Written by Deborah Jones, Ph.D. and Judy Keller
Published by Clean Run Productions, LLC

Is your performance dog distracted? Unmotivated? Inconsistent? Out of control? Then you need to get In FOCUS -- Fun, Obedience, and Consistency lead to Unbelievable Success. Agility and other dog sports require concentration, confidence, and a willingness to take direction from and work with a handler. For some dog and handler pairs this working partnership may develop naturally over the course of training, but for many it does not. Written by an animal behaviorist and clicker expert, Deborah Jones, Ph.D., and a former AKC/USA World Team member, Judy Keller, this book is designed to address these problems and to help you and your dog become a better working team. Develop the working relationship with your dog that you need to succeed in agility or any other dog sport.

104 pages. © 2004

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