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Agility Success




Agility Success

Agility Success (152 pages, illustrated) will help you better understand the team dynamics between you and your dog. It will also help you change your mental approach toward training your dog and toward competition so that you can consistently recreate peak performances in the ring. Learn how to:

  • Determine the weaknesses of your human/canine Agility team and start overcoming them.

  • Identify the strengths of your Agility team so that you can capitalize on them.

  • Understand your dog and what the dog needs from you in order to do its best.

  • Conquer your show nerves and competition fears.

  • Reduce competition stress for both you and your dog.

  • End training and competition frustrations.

  • Establish useful habits and put them to work for you to make your Agility dreams come true.

  • Enter your winning Zone and achieve Agility success!

Agility Success includes the results of interviews with 15 of the top Agility competitors in the U.S. and offers their insights on topics such as setting goals, confidence, dealing with stress and pressure, getting and maintaining focus, energizing, and even memorizing courses.

Don’t wait any longer to achieve your personal best!

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