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Shaping Success




Shaping Success

The Education of an Unlikely Champion
Written by Susan Garrett
Published by Clean Run
Paperback, 248 pages, © 2005

Why reinvent the wheel? Shaping Success contains a career's worth of training experience. From puppy basics like recalls, rear end awareness, and distraction training to games for building motivation to a step-by-step program for training incredibly reliable contacts and weave poles, Shaping Success is the training journal of one of the world's most respected dog trainers. It covers both controlling drive and building drive. Plus it's an entertaining and thought-provoking read!

Praise for Shaping Success

Written by one of the world’s best dog trainers, Shaping Success gives an excellent explanation of the theory behind animal learning. Buzzy’s story both entertains and demonstrates how to apply some of the most up-to-date dog training methods in the real world. -- Greg Derrett, Twice Great Britain’s Agility Handler of the Year, Silver Medalist, 2004 FCI World Cup of Agility

It’s rare that a trainer shares his or her mistakes as well as successes. Susan presents a great mix of training theory, practical application, and “Buzzy” stories. I read this book in one day, but I will use these lessons for a lifetime! -- Terry Smorch, 12-time national agility champion, 2003 Team Bronze Medalist, FCI World Cup of Agility, USDAA, AKC Agility Judge

Susan Garrett’s training program is an elegant demonstration of errorless learning. She puts sound learning theory into practice. -- Pamela Reid, Ph.D., Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Director ASPCA Animal Behavior Center, New York City, NY

A heartfelt journey that will appeal to anyone desiring a relationship with his canine partner. Susan reminds us it is the process that is important and to focus on the reason we got a dog in the first place. -- Debbie Zappia, 2003 USA National Shutzhund Champion, 2004 Silver Medalist WUSV World Schutzhund Championships

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