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Tunnels, Chutes & Snuggers


Truly an innovation! Tunnel Snuggers are easy-to-use, hold the Pipe Tunnel firmly in place and are super light weight. This system is completely transparent to handler and dog. There are no potentially dangerous wood or metal frames, just soft webbing and a strong plastic buckle.

This system allows the Pipe Tunnel to roll a few inches as the dogs come banking through the tunnel, then return to place. Use with two or more tent pegs (stakes) as your soil conditions require (tent pegs/stakes are not included).

Easy to set and carry, use two or more Snuggers depending on the Pipe Tunnel layout (number of curves in the middle). Also works on Cloth Tunnels/Chutes! This is one product you really don't want to do without.

Please note that you would normally require two tunnel snuggers (perhaps 3 if you require an "S" shap) to secure a 5m tunnel.



We no longer sell Pipe Tunnels however recommend the Tunnels sold by the Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd.  They are tough and durable with an expected life of at least ten years when suitably stored and looked after.  Tunnel length extends to approximately 5 metres with an inside diameter of 600 mm, making the Tunnel suitable for both ADAA and ANKC Agility.  Please visit ADAA's website http://www.adaa.com.au/shop/tunnels.htm


All of our chutes are made of 420 D material. This material is weather proof.  Most of our color choices are also UV resistant.  We have listed two chute options however we can also arrange custom made chutes.

We do not sell the Rigid Entrance however provide instructions on how to make an entrance to suit our chutes (and that comply with ADAA Agility Regulations) below

Making Cloth Tunnel Rigid Entrance for ADAA Competitions

  • Order your cloth first and have that delivered
  • Measure the circumference of the entrance – so you have an idea on the circumference required for the rigid entrance you will build.
  • Take note of if the velco on the cloth to see if it is male or female hook – as you will need to place the opposite on the rigid entrance you build.

Floor for entrance

  • Use plywood for floor.  Approx 8 or 10 mm thick, depth 600 mm, width 600 mm, plus width of your side walls x 2.
  • Once side walls are glued and screwed on – before roof is fitted, paint and use sand for non-slip surface on the floor.
  • Make side walls about 250 mm high
  • ADAA Agility Regulations show side wall about 25mm or 50 mm high.  We suggest you use a higher side wall, say 250 mm high.  The lower the side wall – the longer you need your acrylic plastic sheet to be.
  • The thickness of the side wall can vary – the thicker the wall, the more surface area you have to screw the floor onto.
  • You may wish to use some 90 degree steel brackets (two each side) to provide extra strength over and above the screws coming up from the bottom.
    • You may wish to pre-drill the holes before screwing to prevent the wood cracking.
    • If you side walls are only around 15mm wide, then steel brackets are highly recommend.
    • If your side walls are 30 mm wide, then they are optional.
  • Approx 250 mm high side walls will work with a standard acrylic plastic sheet of 600 x 1220 x 3.0 mm
  • When complete, inside diameter = 600 mm, depth = 600 mm, inside height = 620-650 mm (you need to take into account the size of the hose used around the entry lip of the roof).

Top cover/roof –

  • Use Acrylic plastic sheet – purchase already cut to size - 600 x 1220 x 3.0 mm or (600 x 1200 x 3.0 mm).  Can be purchased in sheets of 600 x 1220 x 3.0 mm – ready to use from Mulford Plastics (they are Australia wide): http://www.mulfordplastics.com/  They usually stock in colour white.   Can use any colour except clear or black.  There should be no need to paint the roof/cover.
  • Use normal garden hose or a pool noodle to cover the lip of top cover/roof at the entrance (safety feature).  Cut hose/noodle to length and then using scissors cut a slit in the hose.  Not that pool noodles are thick and have an impact on the height of your entrance.

                  o  Using Selleys 3 in 1 white sealant (comes in a tube) and a sealing gun:
                  o  Apply sealant liberality along the inside length of the hose.
                  o  Fit hose over front lip of top acrylic cover/roof.
                  o  Using the sealing gun, squeeze 3 in 1 sealant in each end of the hose to make a tidy and solid end cap.
                  o  Allow at least 2 days to dry.

  • When picking up the finished item – try to not man-handle the hose glued to the front.  As an alternative – the hose could just sit over the lip without glue and can be refitted and replaced with ease.

Velcro – most cloths will come with 50 mm wide Velcro.

  • Need to purchase 50 mm wide to match – ie opposite to what is already stitched into the cloth.
  • You will need approx. 2.5 metres.  Can be purchased from Bunnings and/or Masters hardware stores.

Hinges for pegging

  • Purchase 2 hinges and screw to the side wall (each side) – near the front entrance. They can then be folded up out of the way or down to allow pegs into the grass. 

 Tunnel entrance with hinges


Tunnel Snugger
Tunnel Snugger





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