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Welcome to our site
AgilityClick is owned and operated by Steve Drinkwater and Cathy Slot. This web site is dedicated to educating and helping the Dog Agility Enthusiast.

We specialise in selling Agility books/DVD's and Agility related products from our home in Brisbane. You can also find details with regards to contacting Cathy for seminars and workshops.

Popular Books, DVDs and Products
k9scent=baseline Obstacle numbers Ring Ball Felt Toys

K9 Scent Bags
Now in stock

Obstacle Numbers
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Ring Ball Felt Toys
Now in stock 
We also have other felt toys in stock


Susan Garrett

Susan Garrett Workshops
Susan is making a 'touch and go' trip to Australia at the beginning of December and will be working with Handling360 participants as they build and develop skills and confidence with their dog. 

We strongly believe in “quality not quantity”!  This ethos is seen not only through the retail efforts of Yunde Canine Enterprises but in their efforts to promote the sport of Dog Agility.  For every hour they spend working with Yunde Canine Enterprises we give back four hours working as volunteers for non-profit organisations such as the International Federation Cynologique Sports (IFCS), Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd (ADAA) and Agility Dog Club of Queensland Inc (ADCQ).




Click on the logo for the
IFCS website.

Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd

Click on the logo to visit the website of the Agility Dog Association of Australia



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